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About Us

About Us

SWATuk stands for ‘Street Wise Awareness Training’ and is formed by likeminded youth engagement specialists from law enforcement and further education, between them they have around 50 years plus of youth engagement experience.

The ethos of the company is ‘Targeting youth to aspire and attain’ The youth are the future, and the need to ‘upskill’ young people so that they can make good informed life choices has never been so important. Due to social media the pressures on young people to act in a certain way, which may not always be a good way are huge, some will make poor choices or mistakes that will bring them to the notice of Law Enforcement and due to their behaviour could receive one of many punishment options that could seriously reduce their options in future life.

We at SWATuk have created a series of awareness raising sessions to target those young people who are at risk of becoming a victim of the criminal justice system, either by deliberate action or by poor decision-making skills, these talks will give the young people up-to-date information presented in an engaging and professional manner so that the young person will remain engaged and an active participant throughout the session.

We need to create a high-level of aspiration in our young people, they need to want to attain in life. If we can remove some of the issues, such as criminal convictions and inappropriate social pressure, which can reduce some young people’s ability to see a positive way forward we can help increase their ability to see the endless excellent possibilities in their futures

We are now offering training for individuals and companies in various accredited level 2 and level 3 First aid training. All training is regulated by First Aid Awards Ltd, Ofqual and SQA. On successful completion of the chosen First Aid course the participants will receive an accredited level 2 or level 3 qualification and certificate.

The sessions we currently offer are:

  1. Various Accredited Level 2 and Level 3 First Aid Training Courses
  2. Knife Crime Awareness (Primary, Secondary and further education)
  3. Radicalisation Awareness (Secondary and Further education)
  4. Diversity and Discrimination (Primary, Secondary and further education)
  5. Sexting and Internet Safety (Secondary and Further education)
  6. Internet Safety (Primary)
  7. Consequential Thinking (Primary, Secondary)