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Anger Management

This is an area that I have been asked by several junior schools to assist with some of their students how have been having issues with their personal management of their anger issues.

I have devised a work book which will be completed over 6 sessions. These sessions are complete on a one on one session for an intensive targeted approach to the young person and their issue.

This is best aimed at year 6 students but can (dependent on the maturity level of the young person) be used for year 5 students. The program is not gender biased and so can be used for male and female students.

Dependent on the needs of the school and the young people involved the subsequent sessions (after the 1st initial session) can be split between two students giving them a working session time of 30 minutes each.

During the sessions we will look at feelings and emotions and how they can impact a young person and cause uncontrolled out bursts of anger. We will look at helping young people to develop their own strategies to deal with their anger issues, the aim being to reduce the negative impact such out bursts can have on the individual and help maintain attendance and reduced exclusions both temporary or permanent.

This program will be delivered on a one on one basis, as this helps reduce the impact of the presence of others on the individual. The first session will always be a full hour for each student but following that session, dependent on the needs of the young people, the session can either be a full hour or split to 2 X 30 minutes sessions with two students.

£50 (1 hour session)