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Diversity & Hate Crime

This is a one-hour program that is suitable for year 5 and above.

This session looks at the term ‘Diversity’ and helps the young people put it into everyday context, we look at the meaning and how we are all diverse. We discuss the terms discrimination, prejudice and racism and make sure that every young person has a full understanding of those words, the effects on others and the legal ramifications to the user of such behaviours.

We will look at what can make an individual a target for hate crimes and how those people could feel when targeted. We also discuss what crimes could be classed as hate crimes and how the police and the criminal justice system deals with people who take part in hate crimes.

This program uses PowerPoint and interactive group activities and discussions to help achieve its aims.

The program can be delivered to a year group or individual class sized groups, but due to the interactive elements it’s is most effective when presented to class sized groups.

Can be presented as a single standalone session or linked to British Values and Consequential Thinking to form a three-part program Suitable for a PSHE topic area.

£50 (1 hour session)