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First Aid Training

Why Choose SWATuk to provide your First Aid Training.....

Steve Jones, prior to retirement from the Humberside Police Service was a trained Police Tac-Medic and PSU (Police Support Unit) Medic, during his career he had to use these learnt skills on many occasions, as a Officer Training Instructor he also gave First Aid Refresher training to many officers from various departments within the force. As a result of this practical experience, gained over 30 years of service, he is able to bring the theoretical class room training and personal experiences together to help the individuals taking part visualise how their training and attained skills could be used during an actual medical incident.

As the Operations manager for the Blue Lights Brigade he has also trained many volunteers how are part of the Community Emergency Response Team or C.E.R.T. He has also devised a basic life support training programme for young children called 'Little Life Savers', and already this short awareness session has been delivered by the team to several hundred young people from 6 years old upwards.

All First Aid Training is overseen by First Aid Awards Ltd, an Ofqual and SQA regulated. When the training is successfully completed the individual will get an Ofqual accredited Level 2 or Level 3 qualification.

We provide training in the following areas:-

  1. 3 Day First Aid at Work
  2. Emergency First Aid at Work
  3. Paediatric First Aid
  4. Emergency Paediatric First Aid
  5. Immediate Management of Anaphylaxis
  6. Oxygen Therapy Administration
  7. Basic Life Support
  8. CPR & AED
  9. Annual Refresher Certification for the above



'Little Life Saver' Training - Rescue Day 2019

CPR & AED Training