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Knife Crime Awareness (Year 6)

This is a one hour program suitable for year 6 students.

The program is built around age appropriate awareness cartoons which look at reasons why young people carry knives, decision making and the implications of carrying and potentially using a knife. The aim is to let the young people understand the negative implications of carrying a knife and how that action can affect them, their future and their families. They will be given appropriate information that will assist the young person to make a positive decision and look at other options to deal with their issues other than carrying a knife.

The program uses PowerPoint, interactive group work, age appropriate videos and group discussion.

Knife crime is a growing issue in the UK currently and this program fits within the ‘Safe Guarding’ agenda and is a becoming a priority for schools to present to their students.

The program should be delivered to individual class sized groups, the program can also be adapted for a more targeted approach or based on the needs and time constraints of the education facility.

£50 (1 hour session)