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Knife Crime Awareness

This is a two-hour program that is suitable for year 7 and above (due to some of the images shown).

The program is split into two 1-hour sessions, the first sessions looks at the injury potential of using a knife and also the legislation surrounding the possession and use of a bladed or pointed weapon. The second session looks at the consequences for the offender and victim, this session is very impactive and does help the young person develop a level of empathy for others and gives information that will help the individual make a positive decision when considering carrying a knife.

The program uses PowerPoint, interactive sessions and various videos.

Knife crime is a growing issue in the UK currently and this program fits within the ‘Safe Guarding’ agenda and is a becoming a priority for schools to present to their students.

The program can be delivered to a year group or individual class sized groups, the program can also be adapted for a more targeted approach or based on the needs and time constraints of the education facility.

There is an awareness booklet that can be purchased for the students, this is in an A5 size and can be used by the student to enable a discussion to take place at home and reinforces all the information given during the program.

£150.00 (2 hour session)
Knife Crime Awareness Booklet (£2 - £2.50 each, dependent on numbers ordered)