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Radicalisation Awareness

This is a one-hour program that is suitable for year 7 and above.

This program does not focus specifically on religion instead it looks at the general process of radicalisation. This process can be the same for all types of extremist groups, irrespective of religion or political ideology’s.

The lecture focus on the use of propaganda to change how an individual thinks about others. It looks at how a person who is wishing to radicalise another to commit a criminal act will use information to achieve this change, they will look at a person’s fears, change those fears to hatred and then a willingness to do harm in some way.

In the press we hear of young people doing harm to others in the name of some one else, this has been classed by the government as a major issue to public safety. All schools take part in the ‘Prevent’ agenda (which is aimed at raising awareness amongst facility) this program can be used to increase the effectiveness of that agenda by raising the level of awareness within the student body. This is now an Ofsted requirement an comes within a school’s ‘Safe Guarding’ agenda.

This program uses PowerPoint, relevant examples, discussion and group involvement activities to achieve its aims.

This program can be delivered to a group of no more than 50 students.

There is a work book that can be used alongside the program or during further sessions conducted by the teachers to reinforce the message given during the initial session.

£50 (1 hour session)
Radicalisation Awareness Work book (£2 - £2.50 each, dependent on numbers ordered)